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Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog post 5

The information on Rome was really excellent they put out the information like a professional podcast or should I say plainly like a professional.  I really enjoyed how this podcast was put together with background music. The benefits of podcasting is great, I like the fact that if you miss school you can load the stuff off of podcast. You can also play it over and over to help with studying for tests. Podcasting will help students out more then writing just notes from classes. Learned that you can have a podcast with someone that at another part of the country. Podcasting is a great way to have students raise there grades in pretty much every class. You can listen or watch the podcast over and over again having a higher chance of remembering the information.  


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

C4T post 2

Scan the books bar code and get a fully formatted reference?:

I think that is a great idea and could work well at high schools. Actually it might work great at other types of school also. You could also email the code to your teacher to prove possible someway that ou are reading the required list of books from your smartphone.  

library iphone scanner

Cartoon-  “Facing the consequences of social media.”:
I have seen what happens when people put stuff online and don't think about it. When people apply for jobs the people that are doing interviews look up stuff online and that's what separates a lot of applicants. Most of it is teens and college students not thinking of the effect it has on them after they graduate. It also happens to military members when they put pictures and information online about where they are at and dates when they are headed next.
blogging cartoon

Our Podcast

This is our group podcast from EDM310 with Whitney Greer, and Hoan Nguyen. The information gained from viewing the Did You Know. click here to listen to podcast

C4K summary for Feb month

I like snow but do not think I could go skiing. I actually have not seen much snow, but If I did I might hurt myself just as if I went skating. I like ice if it is in my tea or drink but I do not think I would like falling on it while skating. Im glade that Damara went skiing and Gina Marie went to the ring to go skating. They both tried something I do not think I ever will. On second thought I think I would not mind trying something just to say I did. Just like Damara and Gina Marie did.

Kaycee and her fellow classmates just received netbooks and she was excited to get one. I think that is a great idea giving student’s netbooks for school work and homework. It will help them to become more technologically advanced in the world.     


Blog Post 6

Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student
I would greatly appreciate being a teacher of a networks student. Not because I am lazy and do not want to work with the students. It will be great work being that teacher of the networked student. I am going to be the one that gives him the tools he needs to succeed. Not through books or on chalkboards but through google, twitter, blogging and other items on the internet to reach information.

The students will always need teachers even with schools and society rapidly changing on how we learn and teach. We can still function as teachers in how we teach the students how to figure out what information online is correct or false. What we can not do is sit around and let students think whatever they find online is all true. It is all apart of our new age teaching jobs.

I think it would be great to try this with middle school students because that is where most students lose interest in school. if there is a way to change how we teach students to keep them moving towards there graduation then lets help them graduate and not hold them back. The main reason not to hold our students back is because they are the future of our country and will be in leadership positions one day. Lets set them up for success so our country can succeed.

Welcome to My PLE!
I really like how teachers are giving students responsibility at a younger age which will help her succeed in life quicker. Her personal learning plan is actually on a hinger level compared to mine, which means I need to pick mine up. I agree how she states that she can get distracted with all the stuff online she could do but she has the inclination to be responsible.

Why Smartboards are an Initiative

Smart boards are on teachers minds. Some teachers are for them and some are against them but whatever side your on they can be good us or just a waist of money. http://www.ehow.com/about_5078772_reasons-schools-use-smart-boards.html


Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Sentence Video Project # 6

This is my sentence.
Click here to see the video

Blog Post 4

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?  

I agree with him 100%. It is true because some parents and older teachers are scared of social networking and computers for some reason. If we teach our students how to use the technology correctly then they will be able to get around problems. I do not want to be in a class that does not want to help students grow in all fields because I will be behind. I do not want to be left behind so teachers please teach the kids about social media. He has received numerous awards for his work in technology workshops.  

Watch The iSchool Initiative: 
I think it would save money and help educate our country in a more technologically advanced place. With saving money then possibly lowering our taxes or helping lower country’s debt. All of the applications that you can already upload onto an Iphone or ipad will help dramatically getting started and going with iSchool. 

We can have them personalized for teachers and students, but the best thing the parents would be able to follow homework, stay up on grades and most important be able to talk or email teachers. I would spend the little money it cost to help buy these for students if I had a business and wanted a tax write off. It might be considered tax deductable through charity.       

The Lost Generation: 
IT has all been said about my generation that we can not keep this country together, and that we care too much about what is on facebook. Well I do care and so does my generation about all that this country and what our world turns out to be. I thought the technique was great on how she stated something but in reverse it was opposite. I would not mind trying to set up a video like this.  

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir:
I think this is pretty nice how you can use the internet to have a show choir. They also sound great to my ears; if I heard a recording of this I wouldn’t have been able to that this was done online. This would startle the likes of Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven if the heard this and you told them it was done online. They did not have records back then and we know can have a 185 person ensemble choir. 

Teaching in the 21st Century:
It is pretty close to all being true. We have evolved from just reading books and doing lectures to helping them with blogs, twitter, and actually teaching them how we can use Google to help us find information on research papers. I am going to be strength and conditioning coach but believe me I’m going to help my kids and others how to use what I’m learning now. We have gone from a classroom that is local to one that is global and it helps students learn.   
Ischool initiative

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Comment for Teachers Post 1

HOW CAN YOU DO REAL TIME, COLLABORATIVE, COMPUTER SCIENCE INSTRUCTION EASILY?: Thought it was great how four different groups of students could put together the collaboration in a short amount of time. Four different teams from one class with different parts of one project. They get back together and blend all parts into one.   

AL JAZEERA CREATIVE COMMONS REPOSITORY: There has been unrest for the past couple of weeks in Egypt since the President does not want to leave office. The U.S. has started to pull out its dignitaries for there safety.

Egyptians Protest

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Post 3

A Vision of Students Today:
I have heard that my generation is going to screw up the world with technology. They will be leading the way in engineering new technological jobs. The truth is technology can help us in many ways more then just keeping in touch on facebook. This is right on with my college experience so far. I have sat in classes soaking up book knowledge like I am a sponge, but I am not and we can not learn from books alone.

Read the post "It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines:
We can keep teaching the traditional ways and get further behind in technology or stride to find better ways to mix the two. I have nothing against the normal teaching process in certain classes, but we need to make those classes more of a technological classroom. Have access to overseas classrooms connected together to see how they react to different cultures of learning.

3. Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

I see the problem and it is all around. I am not a teacher yet but I have seen it before with parents joking with subjects. If you can not successfully use a computer or its programs then you should not teach. If you can not keep up with technology then you will not want to keep up new teaching strategies.

When it is ok to say I can not do this then your students will notice you giving up and think giving up is ok. I do not want my students to ever want to stop learning but I want them to find out the answers through help if needed. I believe they will fill better once they learn that ignorance is no exception to finding the answer. 

4. Gary Hayes Social Media Count:
It means I need to take as many computer classes needed to keep my job to stay ahead of other teachers. Actually I will just have to make my class more than just sit down and look at a chalkboard class. Get the students involved because if you do not then students will get bored as it shoes with the entire youtube uploads, twitter, and facebook updates. Kids need to be pushed if not they will get bored and that means trouble in class.

picture of etrade baby 

Project #5