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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Post 6

Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student
I would greatly appreciate being a teacher of a networks student. Not because I am lazy and do not want to work with the students. It will be great work being that teacher of the networked student. I am going to be the one that gives him the tools he needs to succeed. Not through books or on chalkboards but through google, twitter, blogging and other items on the internet to reach information.

The students will always need teachers even with schools and society rapidly changing on how we learn and teach. We can still function as teachers in how we teach the students how to figure out what information online is correct or false. What we can not do is sit around and let students think whatever they find online is all true. It is all apart of our new age teaching jobs.

I think it would be great to try this with middle school students because that is where most students lose interest in school. if there is a way to change how we teach students to keep them moving towards there graduation then lets help them graduate and not hold them back. The main reason not to hold our students back is because they are the future of our country and will be in leadership positions one day. Lets set them up for success so our country can succeed.

Welcome to My PLE!
I really like how teachers are giving students responsibility at a younger age which will help her succeed in life quicker. Her personal learning plan is actually on a hinger level compared to mine, which means I need to pick mine up. I agree how she states that she can get distracted with all the stuff online she could do but she has the inclination to be responsible.

Why Smartboards are an Initiative

Smart boards are on teachers minds. Some teachers are for them and some are against them but whatever side your on they can be good us or just a waist of money. http://www.ehow.com/about_5078772_reasons-schools-use-smart-boards.html


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