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Monday, April 25, 2011

C4T april edition Cooperative Catalyst

Both of the posts that I read on Cooperative catalyst were well thought out ways in helping our students become better students. First off the start was getting a hold of your rep to save federal money for our students and schools. Secondly the post that he stated on coop and classroots to help get educators together to work together on issues with school and schedules on how students learn. This group of teachers are combining together to get our students better educated to become our future leaders. Or as a main reason in the Presidents eyes to get our country back on top of education. I have one question on that. How do we get back on top of education if we are taking money out of education? If you want to help out education here are the websites for the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. http://www.senate.gov/   http://www.house.gov/  

U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives

PLN update

Here is an update for my PLN. I have used twitter to find out more information that I will need to become a successful coach and teacher. The people I follow helps when I need information on what I need to be a teacher such as info on blogs that will help me be successful. The news helps when I want world updates and I can talk about those in classes to get students to know what is going on around them in the world not just locally.  Both of these and a new list I just added is coaches which can give me a larger network to find jobs and coaching information. 

Twitter list1
Twitter list 2

Special Assignment

1. I think I missed the metaphor from some odd reason I can not explain it. We are reading to much into the blog post and not relaxing while we read it and are going to in depth with the post. Seeing past obvious metaphors that are in the post.
2. If only every child has access to pencils from Tom Johnson blog.
3. We can use them and then after we use them explain to them what a metaphor is and what that metaphor means.
4. I believe we use metaphors to get ideas out into the public or just can not think of a funny way to say something and that comes out. I really don’t know how much I use metaphors but I might use them a bunch or not at all.

Special Assignment Unit Surprise AZ
 Special Assignments unit

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Post 13

Alex is a way to connect students, teachers, parents, and pretty much anybody that is in the education field to help with information on what is required to be taught. It has a place that includes areas where it gets updates from such as a community. You have areas where you can search for anything you want. I put in a search for football and it came out with lessons that you can do in math, stats, and economics to name a few. Has an area with educational podcasts on any subject you are teaching. Has an area with different technologies that could be used to help you as a teacher which are some of the same I learned in edm310.

Alex is a great website to work with no matter what you are teaching. Most of the areas are actually all of the areas will help you succeed as a teacher. Go into the lesson plane area and put in major and grade and it comes up with lesson plans you could use for that subject. When I start teaching this is going to be a great website that I will go to at the begging of my career.

What is ACCESS should be running through your head. Well it is a network that will connect you with teachers and students across Alabama. Mostly in the areas of distance learning which comes in handy no matter what age. It gives you extra courses for credit in college to high school students that are enrolling in to college. It is a different way to get your technology courses going without the extra stuff needed or money. The main goal for access is to give Alabama high school students a way to get additional education offerings in school before graduation.

ACCESS image

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

C4K April summary

I really thought it was exciting how he used the yo-yo in the talent show. I have tried to use the yo-yo but never got a hang of it. The sea is a great but dangerous place to be or live but it is also a beautiful place to see wonderful stuff. The sea is wonderful after a long days work to relax at the water all around you on a ship. We had different fads in school and most of it died when you go older but some of them are still around today. I really don't live my life through fades. The class went to a volcano in Hawaii and had some fun learning about volcanoes erupting. I would love to visit Hawaii and check out the different parts of the island. There are so many places that I never have been I can not wait to see more of the world.