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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

C4T post 2

Scan the books bar code and get a fully formatted reference?:

I think that is a great idea and could work well at high schools. Actually it might work great at other types of school also. You could also email the code to your teacher to prove possible someway that ou are reading the required list of books from your smartphone.  

library iphone scanner

Cartoon-  “Facing the consequences of social media.”:
I have seen what happens when people put stuff online and don't think about it. When people apply for jobs the people that are doing interviews look up stuff online and that's what separates a lot of applicants. Most of it is teens and college students not thinking of the effect it has on them after they graduate. It also happens to military members when they put pictures and information online about where they are at and dates when they are headed next.
blogging cartoon

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