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Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog post 5

The information on Rome was really excellent they put out the information like a professional podcast or should I say plainly like a professional.  I really enjoyed how this podcast was put together with background music. The benefits of podcasting is great, I like the fact that if you miss school you can load the stuff off of podcast. You can also play it over and over to help with studying for tests. Podcasting will help students out more then writing just notes from classes. Learned that you can have a podcast with someone that at another part of the country. Podcasting is a great way to have students raise there grades in pretty much every class. You can listen or watch the podcast over and over again having a higher chance of remembering the information.  



  1. I also thought the kids did a great job on their podcast. It was very professional. You made a great point when you said a student can catch up on missed schoolwork through a podcast. They can even just review the information to study for tests. But... what if having daily podcasts of classes leads to poor attendance? Some students could think "well, I'll just sleep in and listen to class later." I know that's exactly what my brother would say!

  2. Dustin,

    It's amazing how much I learned about podcasting from a classroom of kids! You mentioned podcasting being a great way to raise grades. Do you think podcasting has any other student benefits?

    - Allie