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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Post 8

The Future in work.He states how we have moved from print to computers. We don't have to go to a library to do research we can do it on a computer.  Going from print based to and moving image based to get live footage from any type of news. He published a document on line and in a time of 3 months had over 9,000 hits. If he had published that as a regular printed document not many people would have been able to use it. I really enjoyed how they searched the worlds blogs and through the Internet. wee can not teach what he was talking about at the end because we don't have ways to teach what is coming up next.  It allows us to show our dreams for others to see. The university is for ideas.  

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies. The idea about this video is really true and the point is if you procrastinate your work  then you will do it once you get a job you will procrastinate there also. Doing your work on time is always the most important job in school. I wouldn't mind creating a video on coaching the fundamentals of basic football skills. The main message I believe is that you should not give up when doing EDM310 work because at the beginning it is overwhelming but once you find where everything is at it is a great class. 

Learn to Change, Change to Learn. This video needs to be watched by teachers everywhere so we can get a change in some of the schools. We are going into a world where in most circumstances there are no right or wrong answers and ideas.  We need to open the minds of our students to what is going on the present not the past or have them doing something for the future.

Watch the RSA Animate, The Secret Powers of Time by Philip Zambardo and Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by David Pink. What he says about dinners and time with families and friends is correct. We are so worried about trying to get richer and less time with our family we just let our kids educate themselves in others things besides school. I have played video games but on the other hand my family growing up had family dinner. We should advance school so students feel they have a say or a piece of what they are learning.  He talks about how or what makes people work and that isn’t money. I believe what makes people work harder is them actually helping someone or something our in the world. Instead of forcing money at people have them work for something that benefits more than just themselves and actually helps out others and they will feel as they accomplished something. 


  1. I completely agree, we can get our ideas out there for people to hear and our voice can now be heard all over the world...so why not start bring that into the classroom?

  2. Dustin,

    I see that you did not complete the entire blog assignment, and I was confused about which section of the assignment you were responding to. If you could, I would appreciate clarification. Thanks!

  3. Hey Dustin, I love the idea that is represented for this assignment. We can pretty much do whatever we want on our laptops or ipads. Meetings can take place without leaving the home and ultimately the learning process becomes endless instead of being confined to one principle(the classroom). Ideas throughout the world can come together on just one network. No more books is correct. Although I still have the need to read, this is a technique for future generations to heed. If we can gather 35 students, kind of like the virtual chorus, and teach them based on what they need outside the class, we can practically achieve the unknown on a daily basis.