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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Post 7

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams:
I really learned a lot from the video especially how I could help students and others out. When he talks about having specific dreams that is true, because if you have a dream then you sometimes would not thrive for them. When something gets in your way between you and the dream that is where you have to prove how much you want the dream. I thought when the coach told him about caring. He really made since because there are teachers out there that will stop trying and stop caring.

Having enthusiasm in life is what has got me through all that I have done from football to continuing my Navy service and now at school. By playing football I learned at the time a direct coordination between football and life lessons. I have used all that I learned in football from sportsmanship, to team work, and how to persevere. He made a great point about leadership as a skill set because you are not born as a leader you have to learn how to become a leader.

As a teacher and coach someday we need to challenge our students harder then they have been challenged before. By challenging them you are giving them a chance to succeed. If you do something pioneering or new be prepared for the backlash. Always give credit where its due and apologize when you mess up are great ideas and will work in life. Work harder and never complain because complaining will get you nowhere.  

Lombardi Speech

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  1. Well done. I also really like the football coach analogy.