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Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Post 12

Do an interview with a role model in the community. Whatever you believe a role model is up to you to interview that person. examples would be a teacher, coach, police officer, firefighter, or anyone that you think is a role model. Ask them if they consider themselves role models for younger generations to come. Write a blog on the interview you did with a question and answer report on it. Some example questions could be. If you think of others go ahead and ask. Be creative with the questions. For extra credit add the interview  in the blog.   
Brent Dearmen on role models.
1. what would you consider a role model?
Somebody that motivates someone in a way that changes there life.
2. Who did you look up to or still consider a role model today?
He considers his dad his role model.
3. Why do or don't you consider yourself a role model?
He believes he is a role model simply because the position he is in. There are good and bad role models and I feel I am a positive influence.
4. DO you think kids do or don't have enough role models?
Kids do have plenty of role models but those aren't always good ones.
5. In your words what do you think kids idea or definition of a role model is?
Kids look up to anyone who they wanna be like as a role model.

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Texas Football

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  1. Hello Dustin
    I think you had a very unique blog, while I was brain storming what my blog assignment would be about this never even occurred to me. I do have one question however, and that is when you asked "Do you consider yourself to be a role model?" and then went on to say that he thinks he is one because of the position that he is in,what I would like to know is what position is he in?

  2. Brent Dearmon is the Head Football coach at BC Rain HS.

  3. This is good, a very interesting take on the assignment