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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Post 10

I found it interesting how he stated that his education was failing him. We all have had classes like that and it is really hard to learn facts like that. Sitting in a lecture hall writing down notes has never helped me especially in something that are not my subject bests. They both state how you could not talk to each other even if it was about school work or the subject that you were writing notes about. The most difficult issue I have a problem with is paying money for a class and the professor doesn't learn your name, well it is hard when you have 400 students to teach.

I like the idea especially when you do not force the students to learn something in a normal class setting such as I talk you listen and memorize. Getting the students parents involved with school has been almost guarantied to raise that students grades. We do not learn by taking tests that is just a measure of someones ability to memorize items. This is why I love classes that are hands on because that is how I learn.


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  1. I am so a hands on learner too. I do not get anything out of sitting in a class listening to someone talk. I learn so much more and easier by actually seeing and doing it myself and it makes me want to learn. No one, especially a child, is really learning when they are forced or made to. If you are not willing to learn, you simply won't. I plan on using plenty of hands on and visual activities in my lessons to help those learners like me. Also, sitting through a lecture can be extremely boring which is another reason for someone not to want to learn. We have to have a balance by make learning entertaining and educational in our classroom. Great post, Dustin!