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Thursday, January 20, 2011

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I was born in New Braunfels, Texas, which is a town just north of San Antonio. I just recently married my soulmate by the name of Michelle. My parents, brother, and two nephews live in Texas. Michelle is also from Texas but moved to Mobile to finish school and help take care of her grandma with her parents. Michelle has a degree from South Alabama in business administrative and for that real I figured I should get my degree at South Alabama.

My major is physical education to one day become a football coach. I played various other sports to stay in shape, have fun, and like to workout. I have been in the US Navy for the past 9 years and have loved every bit of it. The Navy has given me the opportunity to see other counties and has opened my eyes. My dream would be to a coach for a division 1 college football program.


  1. That's cool you're from Texas. I just got married also, in July. My husband has a teaching degree in history. He is a football coach along with basketball and baseball. His dream is also to be a division 1 football coach!

  2. For awhile I was struggling between an elementary ed major and an exercise science major. I knew I wanted to teach children but also be active in some way. So i figured A physical ed major would be a good combo between the two. I would also love to coach soccer at some point.
    And a spin class is an intense work out where you're on stationary bikes. The workout leads you through different speeds and resistance on the bike. It usually lasts about an hour and you burn about 600-700 calories

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